Finally, I have some clips of my JCM 900 combo.

The first a metal one.

Done with a ESP LTD EX-260 Explorer, ISP Decimator to reduce noise, EQ pedal for added bass and slightly scooped mids, and Tubescreamer for more overdriven tones. Volume was at 5 for both channels, used a Shure SM57 about a foot away for the clean material, and about 4 feet away for the distorted tones.

Next is covering pretty much everything else.

Done with a Fender Stratocaster HSS MIM, and a ISP Decimator. Volume was at 5 for both the clean and distorted areas, the ACDC area is just the clean channel with the Volume on 10 and some power tube breakup. Used the Shure SM57 with this as well, a foot away for the clean/half overdriven tones, and 4 feet away for the added gain area.

As you can see this is with the amp nice and cranked, sounds awesome.

I was wearing earplugs so I'm alright.

Here's the EQ settings that I used for ALL tones you're hearing:

Treble: 5
Mids: 5
Bass: 9 (lack of bass in the amp)
Presence: 5
Lead Gain: 10 (Overdrive Channel)
Gain: 4 (Clean Channel)

Excuse my playing. Slayer is actually pretty difficult if you didn't know.

Sorry for the length, I just kinda kept going and going.

Ask questions if you have any, comment on your thoughts.

By the way, it sounds better in person, but hey what can you do?

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very cool, i'm liking the sound

if only i had recording equipment
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That's awesome! I just got a JCM 900 so I'm definitely going to try out your settings!
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