Hey UG,

Im on the hunt down for a OD pedal. Something that's really smooth, warm, sustainnnnnny and electrifying(sorry for spelling mistake)

My gear:
Ibanez RG770DXLB all original MIJ in 1990
1987 Mesa Boogie Mark III Blue stripe
Legion 2x12 cab

I play lots of different kinds of genre's such as Fusion, Shred, Polyrythmic Metal, Progressive Metal, Latin, Jazz, Blues and what not.

I got my rythym tone for metal down easy on my lead channel but I need a pedal that really makes my lead tone sing with warmth and sustain. Im really digging pretucci's Mark IV lead tone right now lol so if thats any help...

I was thinking of a few pedals:
The BB Preamp
Maxon Tubescreamer OD-9
Boss Bluesdriver

If you have any suggestions or any imformation regarding these pedal or if you own them. Please feel free to leave a comment, any help is wanted

i have the od-9 silver modded and kws modded by analogman and its my only pedal i couldn't live without
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you'd love the blackstone mosfet. check it out. trust me.
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Fulltone Fulldrive 2 MOSFET.

Blows any OD I've tried out of the water in terms of tone and versatility.
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mxr zw44 doesent have that mid hump the ts9's have
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Visual Sound Route 66!!! Very warm, smooth midrange boosting OD with tons and tons of sustain.
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man i played the fulltone 2 didnt care for it much at all.

the route 66 video's on youtube dont sound too good, though thats probs the vid quality..

another pedals?

Anyone have a say on the BB preamp?
If you want a really smooth overdrive pedal, anything from the Xotic RC/AC/BB line is right up your alley. They are, by far, the smoothest sounding overdrives I've heard. The good EQ on top of that is just gravy. Since you were looking at the BB, I'd suggest that personally.
Dude seriously...Go to Guitar Center or whatever muzik store close to u, and try the New Hardwire Digitech Overdrive pedal, its Pretty BAD @$$!

It Has a MOD switch,bass,treble,level and gain.

Flip the switch to MOD, turn up the gain and u have a Distortion pedal!
Flip the switch to Vintage and u have the "O SO GREAT GREEN PEDAL"!

True bypass,built like a tank u cant beat it.....100$!

^^^ you know i went to steves(i live in toronto) and i saw the hard wire series i was like...damb not bad quality,full eq and mod switch....ill look into it man