Well, My HM strat is approaching or may have already passed its 20th birth and could be in better condition

Heres what I want done for it.

-Re-setup professionally (Been doing a 'decent' job for years)
-New locking nut top (Old one went missing a while ago)
-New Tremolo bar (Kahler Spyder brige..grrr annoying but great)
-2 frets either replaced or fixed (Due to dents)

So gentlemen

Any advice on this. I am willing to bit a bit of cash into this but was hoping some people here could give me advice on how to minimise the costs. or Anything else I might find useful in doing this.
I might get some up soon, pretty busy atm. Its the Blue-green one :P Its either the ugliest thing youve ever layed eyes on. Or perfect in its own special way. Glamour shots might actually be saved till after its fixed up.

How much are the frets repairs going to run me, thats my main concern at the moment
At the moment I cant be sure, the indentations are only on 2 of the frets 1 on one fret and 2 on the other, they are abou 1mm deep at most.
Sounds like you only need a recrowning. I have no idea how much that would be though. I guess between $50-150, but i've never had it done.