I'm curious what scale is used in Pantera's cover of Planet Caravan. It's by far my favorite Dimebag solo, it blows me away every time. Such a cool jazzy solo.
Anyways I'm writing a song and think that the scale and style he uses would sound perfect in it. I have a huge chord knowledge but only know pentatonic/blues/maj/minor scales... Not very good with scales.. Any help would be great

by the way, sorry if tab talk is the wrong topic
Umm, I guess Emin and Gmaj7 are arpeggiated and basically looped for the whole song
Sounds dorian to me - and of course Dime gets his blues scale licks in there - there's a bunch of pentatonic with a b5 kind of stuff going on. What you're probably hearing though (that sounds "jazzy") is the dorian; dorian is the stereotypically jazzy sounding minor mode - it sounds cool, chill, smooth, relaxed - kind of emotionally neutral and not as dramatic or melancholy as natural minor.

If you are unfamiliar with modes, just take an E minor scale (although I believe they are tuned down a half step on the recording) and raise the 6th note a half step.

E minor is: E F# G A B C D E
So E Dorian is E F# G A B C# D E - it's those C#'s that give it the sound

You can also think of Dorian as the 2nd mode of major - so if you want E dorian just play D major over an Em chord. It's just like the concept of relative major/minor - The relative minor of D major starts on the 6th of the scale (B) the relative Dorian starts on the 2 (E)

Hope this helps.

-Old Rasputin