Hey everyone, im back with more noobish questions about gear! I am about to go from a model amp to a tube amp and I am really excited. I am not getting that full power from my vox amp and I need that Peavey JSX tube amp. I am also thinking about upgrading from my little Les Paul to a nice epiphone, jackson, or an ibanez. So when I make this big upgrade I was thinking of getting a pedal, because I realize that I will need it for future band performances. So I was just wondering what are some basic pedals that switch from clean to overdrive, or a little bit more. I want a cheap one too, not over $100.
Well if you're getting a JSX, the clean and distortion on that amp are both godlike. I doubt you would need a pedal for extra distortion. Which JSX model are you getting?
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well, I think the JSX is a two channel amp that is footswitchable, so you can switch between the clean and dirty channels, if you need a little extra gain, Ibanez Tubescreamers (there are various versions) are a popular option.
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So ur buying the peavey.. the pedal to switch from clean to gain, is built in a should come with the amp

which the peavey sounds absolutely nice so what u will need is like a modulation pedal, Delay, Chorus, Wah, look into something like that
I dont need an extra distortion pedal, trust me, the Peaveys go tthat. I just need a quick switcher, maybe a wah. Does it come with the amp?
If you are playing lead I recommend getting the boosta grande pedal from BBE, BBE makes really great pedals. Although there are many pedals out there that will improve your sound like eq's, Sonic Maximizer, and noise gates. Heads usually have an effect loop and the eq, sm and noise gate running through that is where you really improve your sound, I doubt you'll have to worry about over drive and distortion since the amp will come with a foot switch. Distortion and spatial effectors are all personal preference and digging into all of this stuff can be quite costly. The first thing I would recommend is the BOSS Noise Suppressor, its about 125 bucks, thats the only pedal Wayne Static uses and he sounds great.