Hello everyone. My username on this forum is EmoRazorblade, however, on other forums, I'm known simply as Raian the Fallen. EmoRazorblade just seemed like an okay username at the time.

I'm not a guitar player. I'm using Ultimate-Guitar's tabs to make songs in Guitar Hero and Frets on Fire. I really liked the tabs so I decided to make an account.

Also; like the forum skin. I've never actually seen this vBulliten skin. Looks outdated, but cool.
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what the hell "even my chains...."

yeah, we dont wanna hear about your sexual devices, or anything of that matter.
Hey Newbie!

Go here: First post? Want to introduce yourself and say hi? Come on in!
Post your introduction in that thread and say hello to your fellow newbies, too.

Be sure to look around and read the rules and stickied threads in all the UG forums you visit.
Post in existing threads if they apply, rather than start your own.

Good Luck,
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