you need like a backing track or something cause without it, it sounds like you just took random chords and f.ucked with arpeggios and ****...like i found no definate tempo or key or anything and i usually attribute shredding to sounding good within the context of itself...

that sounds like a bunch of riffs for solos you were working on and just strung them into each other.
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That's exactly what it was....I was just playing....

It doesn't flow at all though man.
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k... sit down for a minute before you start the video and think about what you're playing.

Try to link it all together. Running an arpeggio up? Don't just stop and the end of it, wait a bit and move to the next arpeggio, play the arpeggio down so that it flows better and keeps the listener interested.

I guess I'm giving you more of a general tip on writing riffs than on shredding since I'm not much of a shredder myself, because I cut paper with scissors.

Eh just read the youtube comments and figured you're not serious about this video.

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I'm in need of a guy
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