Hello all, I've been playing the same Jay Turser piece of junk since the seventh grade and now that I am almost done with college, I thought it was time to upgrade. I never had the time AND the drive to upgrade at the same time, but now that I have the cashflow necessary to upgrade my setup and still have time to play it, I am looking into what to do. I've decided on a valve junior for an amp which I will mod as I feel necessary, and I am going to build my own pedals from the BYOC kits. The guitar is something I have constantly pondered on.

I've been back and forth between Epiphones and Ibanez's, occasionally stopping to think about a Schecter or a Jackson. Well, I think I might have finally found the guitar I want. The ESP LTD F-2E. Here is a link:


Its the second one down.

So here is what I want in a guitar. First and foremost, the important things. I am mostly a rhythm player. I can't really solo that well, so a wickedly fast neck isn't a huge concern of mine. Also, I play mostly stuff like Van Halen, Def Leppard, Queen, Journey, and AC/DC, with some Foo Fighters, SOAD, Nickelback, Blink 182 (I know, I know), and The Offspring too. Secondly, I am being kind of vain when it comes to this new guitar. I want something that will stand out from the crowd, something that will get that surge of lust every time I walk into a room with it. A nice finish is a huge plus, but ones with tastefully different bodies score high too.

There are many things I like about the F-2E. First off, I like the locking trem. Basically no Epiphones (in my price range anyway) offered a trem, but the S470 is probably has a better trem than this ESP. On the other hand, all the reviews I read said that it worked great, so I am not horribly worried about that. Next thing is I like the 24 frets. I rarely get up that high, but when I am dicking around and do get up that high, I can imagine that it would sure be nice to have the option. I am a little wary of the licensed EMG's that fill the pickup holes, but none of the guitars I have looked at (mainly Epi Les Pauls, Flying V's, and Explorers and Ibanez S series) have had great pickup reviews and I had kind of thought that I would end up changing them out regardless of what guitar I got. I also think the guitar is just drop dead sexy. I absolutely love the neck through design with the clear coat on it, which seems to be accentuated by the dark nickel or chrome hardware. The body shape is also something that sets it out enough from the crowd, but will make it sit easy in my lap too.

So for people that own it or have played it a good bit, what do you think? Does it stay in tune well? How are the pickups? Are they hot? Would new pickups be a good idea? How is the playability?

I know, I know, I just have to go play it right? I will in due time, when I have a spare few hours and nothing to fill it. If someone can tell me its not worth it straight up then I wont have to waste my time.
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I haven't played it.

The typical problems that show up with cheaper tremolos are a few issues with soft metals used in the blocks, they work well at first, and degrade over time. Others just don't feel heavy or solid (Jackson).

I wouldn't expect the trem onboard this guitar to be bad. It should allow for a direct OFR replacement.

The EMG's would be my main concern. I would plan on replacing them eventually. Just about all guitars under $1000 have generic pickups. Pickup changes are common, no matter how expensive the guitar is anyway. It's part of personalizing your instrument.

It's a great looking guitar, your 2 concerns are the same as mine. If I had the money and didn't want to continuously buy other gear I would definately consider this one. I've always thought they look great.
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You can get the h401 for about the same price. Much better. The F-2 is made in Vietnam, thats where they make all the guitars under the 400 series now. The 401 is made in Indonesia, pretty much the Korean plant after they moved. Much better build quality and tone from the EMG's. But if you want a floyd, go Schecter.

EDIT: And I have played it at my shop. Not very good tone and the floyd felt cheap. Overall not bad for a beginner, but not a very good second guitar.
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Another main thing that is coming into play is cost. Though my cashflow is better, I still can't afford to go drop on a brand new Shred X Explorer like I kind of want to. My price range seems to include the following guitars that I have been looking at and (hopefully) suit my needs.

Ibanez S320 - $500 - ZR trem, 22 frets, doesn't look as good
Epiphone Explorer - $500 - No trem, 22 frets, love the looks
ESP LTD F-2E - $530 - LFR trem, 24 frets, love the looks
Jackson DK2M - $600 - LFR trem, 24 frets, hate the looks

After thinking about everything, the Jackson was immediately thrown out as I knew I could get a guitar that played just as well that I could stand to be in the same room with. I also kind of discredited the Epi Explorer too, I thought $500 was a bit much for what I was getting, besides I didn't feel the lack of trem and 22 frets was really going to do what I wanted it to do. After that it pretty much came down to which one looked best to me. That, and the S series Ibanez I played didn't seem too condusive to rhythm playing.

Now that I look though, I find a couple things that catch my eye. First off, the Schecter Damien. Its cheaper than the F-2E, but it still has the LFR and the 24 frets. It doesn't look as good, but if it will be a better guitar then it might be worth it. The thing that bugs me about that though, is that it goes from a set neck and mohangany body in the ESP to basswood body and bolt on neck in the Schecter. Also the difference in the EMG's would probably be minimal between the two, they'd probably get swapped for some Breeds, a Breed/Evo, or perhaps a Mo Joe/PAF Joe combo anyway.

Keep the comments flowing, all.
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get the F2-E it plays real nice, plus the floyds on ltds aren't to bad, i bought a 10 year old Ltd m-350 the other day and the trem works great