Hey ppl,

Look i need a really honest and blunt opinion on my band name, i think it could be WAY better but this is what we ended up with:



who thinks its good? who thinks it sucks horse ****? who thinks it could be much better?

i really need opinions cause if i'm gonna change it i need good reason to do so.

Thanks for ur help!!!
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we play like hard rock i guess, the name apparently comes from the disease called night blindness, dnt ask me why there's a "k" in the name!
i just think its real ammaturish name, real cheesy, and 80's.
slip of the tongue, thats my bands last name that i came up with. you can take it if yous want :P it sounds pretty good but we got a better one now lol and yes your band name does sound very ameturish
it is real cheesy in my opinion, night blindness sounds better.. even color blind...uhm, but i suggest u find a name that means smthin to all of u, or go the opposite just find a name that sounds cool.... good luck dude!

ow and remember, it is the band that makes the name, not the opposite.... think of bands like "kiss" such a terrible name but they made it work....
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try again
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sounds power metal.
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