anyone here try ejamming lately? it just started to actually work in the last two weeks!

nobody's using it yet though, I've only been able to do 2 person jams so far.
I'd like to try it, but its impossible with an internet connection like mine. Lots of lagging.
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Never hear of ejam but my drummer use ninjam alot.
uh, what is it? My roommate and I got stuck in Emaj/Em for like an hour the other day, does that count??
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just looked it up
i'd never heard of it before but it looks cool, thanks for bringin it to my attention

probably won't get to use it much in the near future though, i'm in my final year at school and music practicals are in a couple weeks

hope this thing works as well as they say it does
Quote by zipppy2006
uh, what is it? My roommate and I got stuck in Emaj/Em for like an hour the other day, does that count??


I believe he means jamming with another person over the internet.
Personally, I wouldn't do it because the lag between the persons playing would screw up the song.
I'd prefer playing with a live drummer even if he is a homicidal maniac.
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well, it uses the AISO protocol compression, latency us often around 100 ms. Could be lower depending on how close you are.

I've been using it for 2 days now. I played with a couple guys in the UK with no noticable lag.

I connected to a few people with really bad lag though and kept getting drop outs. I guess the trick is to make sure you connect with someone that has a decent internet connection.

The sound quality isn't the greatest either. But thats what you get when you compress it enough to send at ultra low latency.

As far as comparisons to Ninjam goes. It is completely different, ejamming is more like you are in the same room, and I think ninjam has some weird you play one measure, I'll play the next sort of approach.

I recommend giving it a try within the next month though, then you can give it a shot before they start charging money. They are trying to release by next month, although there are still tons of bugs
you need the software from www.ejamming.com
and if you don't have an AISO compatible sounds card (like the specialized external recording cards) you'll have to go to www.AISO4ALL.com and get the driver

then find me so we can jam I'll be the guy named mike134