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nothin will top 'live ****, binge and purge' the seattle disc.....nothing

the san diego disc can suck it........

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nothin will top 'live ****, binge and purge' the seattle disc.....nothing

the san diego disc can suck it........

wtf i was going to say this
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wtf i was going to say this

thats cause its EPIC!

best thing ive ever watched........ james voice dominates all life on earth on that disc hahahahah

too bad he blew it.....
It depends on how and why the concert was epic. Widespread Panic was epic because the concert was three hours, I was stoned as hell, and it seemed like they never stopped playing. The Duke Ellington Orchestra was epic because every member was a virtuoso and could have had distinguished solo careers. Tool was epic because they were my favorite band at the time. Nile and Behemoth were epic because I saw them at the same show in the front row. Opeth was epic because its ****ing Opeth.
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Rammstein - Volkerball tour (particularly the show at Nimes, France)
Hey, look. Sigs are back.
Rammstein - Seeman live is kinda epic, the keyboard player rows an inflatable boat over the crowd.
Look it up.
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Tool are pretty epic live. Muse are kind of overrated when it comes to live performances, good, but not as good as everyone says IMO. (seen them twice by the way)

Pink Floyd were quite the epic live band, from vids I have seen. I also saw Roger Waters live, which isn't the same, but still amazing.

And cool, this X Japan vid has Takanori Nishikawa in it. Never understood why everyone loves X Japan though, they're good, but not amazing from what I have heard.

Edit: +1 to Rammstein as well. I dislike the music, however, I would go see them live if I ever got the chance.
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My personal favorite is Maiden England, I don't think I need to say the name of the band.

Also needs to be seen. That's EPIC!

I think I also have to mention Metallica's "Live ****", and of course Kamelot's "One Cold Winter's Night" and I also need to mention Emperor's "Emperial Live Ceremony"
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led zeppelin 72 from the blueberry hill bootleg
the strokes at alexandra palace
led zeppelin 1975 at earls court

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Rolling Stones, Killswitch Engage, Danko Jones, Volbeat, Nightwish, Beef...hmm, what else?
Iggy Pop or Rollins band. Any gig delivers.
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I saw Tool, guns n roses, metallica and depeche mode all in the same week.

Tool dominated them so mother f-ing hard, and don't tell me "well the other guys are getting old" Tool are well in their mid-40's as well.
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holy **** yes!

when i clicked the link and saw what it was i went like 'ohh i havent seen this in ages!''

but then i couldnt turn it off!

and then proceeded to watch all the other ones down the side....

iron maiden ftw!
I'd say Opeth.
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Buckethead - Whitewash

This song normaly has no solo in it, but buckethead really did great in that improvised stuff. I find it epic because actually it's one of the most beautiful solo and one of the best improvisation I've heard really. I wish I could get that track in my mp3.

Go here, click on the "Live" tab, and go to "Simple Man".
The speech before the song on Dimebag Darell's death, plust the phenomenal performance that follows gives me goosebumps every time

Plus, Brand New playing Jesus on David Letterman is good too
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I saw Rick Astley in Quebec City, on April 10th 2009. Best day of my life!
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