I'm looking to overhaul the pickups out of my LTD L-2 (Akin to the MK-II) and I want to put a DiMarzio Evolution in the bridge. I've got a humbucker slot and a singlecoil slot and I'm not sure what single coil would compliment the evolution.

I play 80's, Neo-classical, and Symphonic metal.
I have my Evo paired with a Seymour Duncan Jazz and it sounds f-ing sick. Like truly awesome. It sounds great for all the brutal metal work and kinda Petrucci/Vai/Satch stuff, but still then leaves you with a really nice sounding Clean pick up too, for Larry Carlton/David Gilmour stuff, right through to anything reggae/funk.

For the middle (although i've never owned either - but heard amazing things) you could get a Duncan Hotrail or Duncan JB Junior. My friend had one in his old nail Strat copy and it sounded really nice. Just my opinion though.

P.s. make sure you balance the outputs too, like you'll want all 3 pick ups to be around the same mark otherwise when you switch there'll be too noticeable a difference. That said, the Evo is a 13k res and the Jazz is only 7.7k and yet they still sound extremely balanced on mine.

Good luck, let me (us) know how you get on.
Oh shi- sorry i've just re-read your original post and realized I'm an idiot. Scratch all that, go with a mini hum-bucker for your single coil slot. A hot rail or a Jb junior would carve. Didn't realise you only had two slots in total!
I appreciate the feedback dan. I'm liking the Hot rail, and that will probably be the pickup I get.