Okay so i have a Fender Jag-Stang and my pup need to be replaced BADLY! I play all sorts of metal and bit of blue finger picking but 99% metal. I play through my lil cube 30 amp. Anyways I was only going to replace the humbucker but i think it would look retarded and i have enough to get a single coil replacement as well so why not.

For the humbucker i've been or looked at:
SD JB's (think it was JB)
SD Invaders (no input on these whatsoever)
EMG Active 85 or 81 (heard the can be bad at low tunings which makes no sense but idk)

And for the single coil I have no idea other then it's gotta be black, lol.

Any suggestions will help.
Keep in mind
1.)Not buying a new guitar, not yet at least.
2.)Not getting a new amp, not yet >.>
3.) I know it's the pickups no the amp, i took it to the guitar store and did several comparisons.
If i remember correctly about $100 for either Canadian. Price isn't much of an issue.
81 is harsher and just a bit louder. That's why they make a good combination with the 85 at the neck.
If you go that route you should put an EMG single in as well.
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