Hola, hopefully im doin this right, this is my virginity breaking post :x
Anyways, this is about a song i call Beast Wars, it can be played in my profile
Its my guitar through my Line 6 Spider II Amp (which i know Line 6 is generally hated around here :p), and EzDrummer's Rock Kit which oddly i actually like better than the Drumset From Hell kit. I would call this metal, but as to not upset the elites because theres breakdownish parts ill call it groove metalcore.

Things i know are wrong already
The solos and leads for the most part suck
I think it might be faster than its supposed to be, im not 100% sure

As a final note i used Adobe Audition to make this. Im planning on switching to Cubase however i require more ram to run the program properly.
Enough small talk, enjoy and please Crit, i shall return the favor
Woah there!
Make the geetar a bit clearer and i'll love it even more!
Could have a smoke and have a dance to this man!
the little solo-ey bit was funky as ****, again, loved it!

But yeah, only problem for me was the guitars were a bit muddy/crunchy

Sort that, re-post, then it'll all be guuuurd, then i shall give you one of these
haha. nice work fella!


bit different from yours like but take a look if you get time mebbe?

nice one!
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"I am Osiris" at 2.22 i like how it goes "BA-BA-BA-BA---Ba-Ba-Ba-Ba---BA-BA--Ba-Ba-

its badass.

Thanks man, i critted your song Ill take the muddy guitar comment into consideration as i was playing with tone for like an hour trying to get it, maybe a mud reducer on Audition can handle that <(" < )

Any more comments?? Ill scratch ya'lls back if you scratch mine
that was definetly super heavy and sweet. it reminded me of the band 'a life once lost' (check em out if you havent? the song detest has a fairly identical groove, and the song rehashed) and all the new lamb of god album has massive grooves like yours. definetly pretty sweet. i didnt care for the solo, cept the buckethead ending of the first one was pretty sweet hah,,,get some vocals together that stuff would be fun to play live, and you did amazing with the drums. crit mine? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1075311
Thanks man, yea i didn't like how the solo came out so i tried to redeem myself with some fruity noises :p. Lamb Of God is deff one of my big influences, oddly enough i wrote this song before I even heard Wrath.
Really nice song overall. The first solo is off time by a fraction of a second of the rest of the song, but the following solos really come out freaking sweet and make up for it. I really can't say much else. One might say the guitar is a little muddy, but it sounds fine in my ears. Now you should add some vocals - 8/10

Crit? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1083591
Thanks for the comments, yea the first solo was really the problem child of the song for me. I do plan on redoing it when i go to add vocals and bass in about a week or two (finnaly getting a mixer, and a bass). Im critting your guys work right now.
Awesome man, thanks again for the crit on both my songs :P

lol, I gotta say I love the 'abrupt endings' :P

Edit: I use the word 'awesome' too much.
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First off, awesome title.

I'm loving those heavy riffs, and niiice squeelies.
The drums are very good, and it's a plus that they're recorded very clearly.
I'm definitely hearing a lot of Lamb of God influence, maybe even some Pantera? Idk, good stuff lol.

Song's heavy and groovy as hell, and interesting lead work throughout the song, I like that a lot of it's pretty unorthodox sounding and thrown in at seemingly random times throughout the song, very good job.
I thoroughly enjoyed the song and was captivated throughout the whole thing, hope to hear more from you soon.

Get some bass and vocals in there some day, I'd love to hear it completed. Crazy awesome!
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Deffenatly Pantera influence in there, the parts starting at 0:58 and 3:50 were very much "Mouth For War" rip-of...I mean...Influenced . LOG is deffenatly and influence, im actually amazed at how much it came out to sound like that, i will say that i used some "Club Sequence" mastering, along with a noise maximizer on the drum tack which youd think it would make it sound gay, but it pumped the bass level by Epic proportions id like to believe.

Anyways thanks for the crit, i cant wait to complete it - Especially vocals
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i used some "Club Sequence" mastering, along with a noise maximizer on the drum tack

Eh? Can you elaborate on that, I'm afraid I haven't got the slightest clue about what this "Club Sequence" mastering is, and would like to know a bit more about this noise maximizer (turn the volume up, err??)

Either way, sounds great lol.
Nice grooveyness to the song, theres not alot I could say to be honest as most people have already said what I would have said. But if you can clean up the guitar tone a bit it should be pretty sweet track. Not crazy about the solo's but I guess it suits some peopple more than others.

Looking forward to seeing more stuff from yer

Not bad. There some really heavy ass grooves in there although my type of groove (Parliament Funkadelic, George Clinton, RATM, Tomo Fujita) is different from your type of groove (Pantera, LOG) . I thought the solos fit pretty well into the song, not wanking but not very technical except for the bucketheadish part, I could'nt have done better myself. Would've been nice if you put some single note riffs in there to give it some flavor. The tone, as the others has said, couldve been less muddier but i will disregard that since your using a Line6. Otherwise, pretty damn cool. Keep it up
Awesome stuff man. Im not a huge fan of the guitar tone but the riffs are really good. You have some great ideas and I can deffinetaly hear some Pantera and Lamb of God influences in there. One thing that is a little strange is the drums seemed to have been stereo panned. IMO drums sound better when placed in the middle of the mix and maybe have the cymbals panned a little bit to the left and right.

Overall, a great song though with some really good ideas.