Pools of unnatural line the night.
Leading to the box, the box of bright lights.

Living the life you feared to live.
Fearing you have nothing to bid.

So cold it pains, it pains your joints.
Lonely, sad searching for a point.

A cog in life...
raises the appeal of the knife.

Cannot appreciate the joys true life creates.
Only appreciate the place fit for my state.

Working at a rats hour...may aswell be a rat.
Return to you wheel now... its time to get back

The box of bright lights.

Bright lights...but this ain't no higher life.
You know I really like this.

Sorry, I forgot to tell you about posting limits. Everyone is restricted to one only piece per day, and two pieces per six days. I made that mistake loads of times.
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You gotta comment on other people's pieces to get one in return. Just give lots of constructive criticism and they should do the same to yours.