Looking for a specific Guitar Tool with allen wrenches (possibly other tools) for my Floyd Rose that mounts to the back of my headstock. I've Googled a bit and can't find what I'm looking for. I've seen this tool a bit just from going to shows and school.

Any help finding this thing online to buy would be great, it would be so convenient to have my tools close when I tune.

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Allan Key set usually come with some sort of case. Mount this to headstock with velcro?
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Those screws look dangerous, make sure to drill pilot holes. yikes...

I know right.... but it's not going anyhwere.
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They probably go right through your headstock

I was thinking that too, but the wrench block holder is pretty thick. Looks like about half (or less) of the screw would poke out the other side of it.
You could always grab shorter screws too, as not to risk it.
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jj1565 posted a link that has a guitar tool which is the better color... I wonder how secure the wrenches are attached for hard thrashing?

Thanks for the link 667, the only thing that bothers me is that to secure those allen wrenches tightly, i know need to carry a flathead screwdriver... unless 'handtight' will hold them... I'd have to hear a user testimonial to trust it... plus I'd like black not chrome... either way i couldn't find either of these on my own, thanks so much for your time!!!

And yes, I'd use my own screws after measuring the tool and headstock

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