Poll: Who is the most generic pop-punk band?
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New Found Glory
1 10%
Hawthorne Heights
2 20%
0 0%
Boys Like Girls
0 0%
Armor For Sleep
0 0%
We The Kings
2 20%
Hey, Monday
0 0%
The White Tie Affair
1 10%
The Audition
0 0%
All Time Low
4 40%
Voters: 10.
To start this off, I love pop punk. But I hate how another band imitating another band's sound can come along and steal all the thunder from the true visionaries in this genre. So I ask thee, whom do you think is the most generic pop-punk band around?

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They simply make me want to kill myself. They are such blatant blink-182 & Fall-Out Boy (who I really don't care for to begin with) rip-offs. Ugh.
blink only sound generic because they have so many imitators. when your that big, you don't sound like other people, they sound like you.
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A lot of the newer pop punk bands seem to be following the same routine.

And all share a similar sound, style, and fanbase.
I agree with Lt.Dan when you are that big its very hard to sound original......
Who are half of these bands
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