Ive researched and looked into them, i was thinking of the AD model, probably 50 watts for recording in my dorm and playing small gigs. whats the verdict on them? Lookin for clean hendrix style tones and satch Style leads, gonna be using it for blues/rock/whatever satriani is
i liked the valvetronix when i played through it at guitar center, but i bought a used fender cyber twin instead, it just had more tone and the cleans are better than anything, but the valvetronix was my second choice deffinately, its versatile like a line 6 but it doesnt sound like static like them.
Yeah, they're pretty good amps. I havent really heard bad things about them. I played one at GC and I liked it, not enough distortion for my style but I play metal. So I think you might be good.
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So 50 watts would do well for recording, im also looking into a satchurator and a Weeping Demon wah but im not sure
A few years ago my entire rig was a Les Paul, a Valvetronix amp (AD120VT), and the amp footswitch. They're better amps than the tube purists (and the wannabe tube purists) are willing to admit. Pretty much the only reason I ever got rid of mine was because the AD120VT had a few reliability issues most notably in the power amp section, but these issues were fixed in the newer models.
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Vox is definitely a great choice. You can get nice clean tones but get a nasty crunch out of those amps. My next amp is probably going to be the Vox AC30. I've played it many a times and spoken with a few musicians who own one and have gotten nothing but good reviews. Good luck!
yah the new VT's are definately better than the old a AD, i had one still laying around before i made it into a cab.

I tried one of the new VT's with and epiphone at a GC and was really impressed, came back home to my AD and was really disapointed in terms of sound quality when compared to the VT.

i think these new VT's use the same tech as there bigger VT's predecessors, you can definately tell in the sound quality.

tone wise i like them better than the vyprs, can do metal pretty damn good, and blues and rock is sounds so good trough these amps to.
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VTs are Basically the Classic Rock/Clean designed amps, the AD series, and the Metal series of amps, the XL, in one. I have an XL series amp, and its very good, can pull off classic rock tones as well, has slightly too many high gain tones that dont sond distinct though, and its incredibly bassy. Cleans are amazing though.

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VTs are Basically the Classic Rock/Clean designed amps, the AD series, and the Metal series of amps, the XL, in one.

Plus it has a seperate reverb setting and can save up to 5 (I think) presets instead of just 2 like in the ADxxVT and XL ranges. Plus they sound better.

OP if you do get an AD50VT then I really reccomened the FX loop mod. Putting an EQ in the FX loop is like taking a blanket of the amp.

For what you're after a valvetronix would be an excellent choice.
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