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6 40%
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8 53%
Voters: 15.
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Roman Noodler is the guy that has been into prison for 25 years after committing murder and drug trafficking. While he was at the prison, he met there the woman that would become his wife. Her name is Jamie and she was the one who helped Roman Noodler to get back to God. He found Jesus with the help of Jamie who was a Social Worker and maybe some sort of a missionary. From then on, they fell in love and married later after Roman Noodler was released from prison. They had a son who is now three years old.

But what really astonished me was when he won 116 Million dollars from lottery. This has really changed his life around after he was imprisoned for 25 years! I have got the chance to talk to him through YM and said that half of the winnings is from his brother and the other half is his. Whoa!!! That's a great value if you convert it to peso! He is now doing charities (giving away, food clothes, baby clothes, diapers etc.) which is from his trust fund. He also created an organization for the youth to keep them from going astray. It's a Youth Ministry with all the musical instruments which the youth like and he is also conducting a bible sharing. For me, it is as if his mission in life is helping the youth, the poor and his fellow inmates. Very good for a one enlightened by God.

But the question now is this: Why do so many UGers hate him? They even call him "troll". Some like him, and I admit I'm one of them. I want to know your opinion why you hate or like him. Every opinion is welcome. So, vote now...
I heared he bums dogs and was once the deputy prime minister of Botswana
I've Made You A Drawing of a Giraffe Fucking an Elephant. Notice How His Moustache Looks Just Like Mine.

Your Mother's Got a Penis
I thought you were talking about Romen Noodles.
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'cause he's a condesending type kinda guy. And a christian. And banned.
*stupid 09'er*

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I did not know of his existence until now. I thought he was some kind of masked villain from the title.
I thought this was about Ramen NoodleS...

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i got into a debate with him. he's not a bad guy. he just doesn't understand that some people take his "preaching" the wrong way. he's not trying to be condescending he just doesn't know any better.
i thought you were talking about the little cartoon character on the ramen noodle packages, i want to change my vote to "those who hate him" please.