There is either a tube or solid-state versions.

This stuff looks pretty ****-hot. I am definitely going too buy a BBE 362SW Sonic Maximizer, which has a 'Sub Woofer' output and separate sub woofer control, which being a bass play can't mean anything but good

Although the pre-amp does have a sonic maximizer circuitry built in, which is equal too the BBE 362.

I think this things looks amazing: 3 band EQ, parametric mids control, 'Bright' switch (Not Sure how much it boosts by), compressor, Maximizer, D.I out, Active/Passive inputs. The list goes on.......

The Tubes are hand picked 'Groove Tubes' as well.
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The sonic Maximiser has been mentioned before on this site, quite a few members have them I believe
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