And so much shit was stolen.


Laptops and other IT equipment worth about £30,000 have been stolen in a warehouse raid in southern Scotland. Police are appealing for witnesses to the theft at Biggars Mill on Port Road in Dalbeattie. The incident took place some time between 2010 GMT on Monday and 0830 GMT on Tuesday. A police spokesman said they were keen to trace the driver of a red Ford Focus seen travelling slowly in the area at about 1600 GMT on Monday. Det Con Grant Wilson said: "We need to trace the people responsible for this high value theft." He said that in addition to the red Ford they also wanted to speak to the driver of a white van seen nearby at 2130 GMT on Monday. He added: "We are also keen to speak to anyone who has been offered any forms of laptops, memory cards and other IT equipment in the past few days."

Pretty sick stuff, it's terrifying. Can't say much about it right now but we're pretty shook up. My boss work his arse of for 7 years building the company from scratch and now this, massive blow to us.
Yeah what about the insurance?
BtwI couldn't get to work last week, because when the full team wanted to enter the building we found out somebody tried to molest our locks, and when we got we realised all the sht we needed was stolen :O.
I will fly there and we will form a vigilante troop to find the perps and book them, batman style
Wait for the wave of pit-monkies that buy all this stuff off the street, asking if it's safe to use.
look on ebay for mass quantaties of the laptops that mystery man stole,win one of them, get their address and call the cops on his black ass, or check pawn shops around the area
Check with evey nerd in town....
Insurance ftw... hopefully

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Unlucky mate, that's really bad. I take it your manager had insurance?
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call a hoverboard!
no but good luck with shaking some money from the insurance company!
Daaamn. This happened to a big shopping centre where one of my friends worked, someone got in through the roof, took around 75 thousand euros in money and goods, then (as the evidence would suggest, they were never caught) proceeded to crack open two cans of beer and watch Spiderman on DVD.
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