Do you guys know any scary/creepy basslines? How would you go about making one?
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If you're trying to write them, why not try using locrian scales and diminished chords?
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Throw in some chromaticism for good measure too. I find it can sound eeeeeeeerie
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Chromatic and awkward steps
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using minor 2nds (aka Chaos Chords) and tritones (anything Black Sabbath) will really bring a level depression and creep to your playing. For technique, use off rhythms that go between the drummer's voices and try using anything but fingers or a pick. I use a Timpani mallet (felt-tipped) for a low attack, and high sustain voice.

Bass tones are hard to find.
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Massive intervals between notes. The bigger the better, liberal use of the tritone is good.
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Use tritones (flat 5ths). Also, if you're feeling power chordy, do an octave down of the 5th fret, not the root. For example, instead of E being 7,9,9 on the A, D, G strings, play it 7,7,9 on the E, A, D strings.
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Play a relatively simple motif, like a 6-12 note pattern that repeats, then move the whole thing up one half step. Also nothing scale-like. Bigger intervals is right.
I find pedals to be the best way to create the "scary" texture in a song, while the other instruments add the notes needed.

If the bass is too busy, it removes the sense of horror, if you ask me. However, semitone movements are good, tritones, bitonality and putting unrelated chords over each other (case in point - Stravinski's Petrushka chords - CEG + F#A#C#).
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if you hammer on and pull off notes right next to eachother, as in, half step away, it gives the feel of movement. too much though, it isn't creepy. some mild application of that could really help.
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chromaticisms, reverb, jagged stop-start rhythms.

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