OK, so I just went to musicians friend, and I noticed that the American Standard Strats were 1275. They used to be 1000. The deluxes are now 1600. I've heard people say fenders aren't very good because their top of the line guitars that aren't custom shop are cheap compared to other American-made guitars (PRS and Gibson in particular). Now that the price has increased, does it increase fenders desirability?
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I haven't been looking at Fender prices because I'm not in the market for one. But I do own 2 Fenders (a strat and a tele) and they've served me well over the years. I don't know how the Americans compare- mine are MIM. But as far as I've heard they are good quality and last over time. As far as the sound it's all a preference.
I doubt the quality went up with their prices. It is rediculous
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I was in a music shop in the UK and spotted an all rosewood tele, it was sexy. It was also £1500, then I realised that they hadn't countersunk the ferrules on the back. £1500 for a half arsed job? No thanks.

You want guitars for quality not price so no, my desire to by a fender has not increased.
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I have an American Deluxe strat, I paid 1200. I was on a 2000 dollar budget and I picked the American deluxe still. I hear people saying that American strats aren't high quality compared to PRS and Gibson. I think they're just as good, they just don't have Nitrocellulose finishes and set necks, which are a lot more expensive to make. Alder is also cheaper than Mahogany. I would've paid 1600 for my strat without a problem, but I'm very happy that I got it for 400 less.
I have an American standard, which I paid $1000 for. Now they're like what, $1200-$1300? Meh, I originally wanted a Deluxe, but I wasn't really a fan of abalone inlays. Cosmetic issue, lol. Plus I like standard single coils more, rather than noiseless.