Hi, how do you think about my band's band name.
It's a translation of our hometown, Vallentuna. (swedish to english)

Vall = Wall, en = one, tuna = Town

So our band name is: Wall One Town, (or Wall1Town)

Do you like it or does it just sound stupid, share your opinion!
I don't really like it... It sounds like some teenage stupid Sk8er Band, if you know what I mean.
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This is Germany we're talking about.


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Thanks alot. When i read the first sentence, i dont know why, but i laughed in the middle of my first class at tech school. You sir have made me look like a fool for the first and last time
tuna = makrillfisk?
Anyway, I'd lose the Wall1Town option. If any, the first is better in my opinion. Although none of them rock my boat.
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It's not too bad on the whole.
I'd switch the first two words round; One Wall Town. It makes more sense English-wise then.

Edit: heh, and here's me thinking I'd got second reply
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tuna = makrillfisk?

tuna is also an old swedish word for town, tuna(fish) in engish is lax in swedish

I like the One Wall Town name.
I'm pretty sure lax is salmon, but that's drifting off topic.
OT: I agree, One wall town makes much more sense.
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I'm pretty sure lax is salmon

oops, thats right, I mean of course tuna is tonfisk in swedish, my bad.
we leave that now.