Kind of a song but more poetic, but tell me what you think. And I haven't met anyone who can interpret the song true meaning, but some people have been pretty close

Pure Soul
Dark World
Big Choice
Now Stained
No Hope
Small Chance
Vile Vein
More Chains
Good Heart
Bad Choice
More Pain
In, Out
My Gain
No Name
Same Game
Bright Lights
My Chains
No Game
I'm probably way out, but this seemed like a description of life, right from being born to eventual death. Am I right or horribly wrong?
Thats kinda the idea but not quite. It is more or less a specific incident and consequence. Besides, its a poem/song.... you decide what it means.
who have a poem/song with the same title as mine ^^
anyway , I can see the emotion in what you wrote
good stuff , don't know how you can put that into a song, but with passion and time I,m sure you can do it
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