Everyone seems to have one or the other of these od's for driving the od section on a tube amp, but anyone got any good alternatives? Especially ones that dont colour your amps tone.
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Paul Cochrane "Timmy" pedal.
Fulltone OCD.

Monte Allum's OD-308 too but you have to build that yourself.
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Everything colours tone, but don't worry about that.

Try a MXR Custom Audio Electronics boost/overdrive pedal.

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Gonna be hard to find a TS or OD that doesn't color your tone.

Luther Drive
Fat Boost 2, With the drive turned up, becomes a nice OD.
Guys clean boosts without color aren't that uncommon.
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Bad Monkey, BBE Green Screamer or a Visual sound Route 808.
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Fulldrive 2 is very transparent, especially in FM and Comp cut mode with the drive low. Put it in vintage mode or turn the boost on and it's not nearly as transparent.
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