basically i am playing this show at my school, its a one-off thing, i wanted to put some flashing LED lights on my guitar, or something like that just to make the performance more interesting. where do i buy some flashing lights to put in my guitar, ive tried google but i cant find anything. I dont mind, i actually prefer, having to stick wires or a switch to the back off my guitar.

any suggestions on how to do this, where to buy the lights from at a relatively low cost, or anythin else that would look cool xD

Put one that flashes under the strings by your pickups... That's the coolest thing I've ever seen anyone do...

Buying them... I really don't know, but hooking it up is a piece of cake bro.
dont waste your time with it. flashing leds arent really that interesting. instead spend your time rehearsing and maybe developing some stage presence and not worrying about a lame gimmick that no one is really going to think is as interesting as you think it is. either that or go directly to using pyro.