well first of all i play death metal, hardcore, deathcore, metalcore...and i was looking for a 7 string guitar so here in my country somebody is giving me a Schecter Omen-7 for $400, what do you think about this guitar...? or do you think i could get something better for that price?

Umm... No personal experience. But I have heard good things about the Omen. I love my Schecter though
i would, personally, prefer an LTD or ibanez in that price range (as long as its not an agathis bodied LTD, EWWW!)

although i havent played the omen, so i cant really comment on it.
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I bought my daughter a Schecter Gryphon for xmas a few years back. MIK, but all in all a nice playing guitar for the price.
Quote by WinnieCO
anyone has ever tried omen then?

Best question would be, have you ever tried one? I would recommend testing for feel and playability .. If they are selling you one, and nothing is wrong with it, I would ask if I can give it a test drive. Last thing you want to do is grab a guitar that looks sexy as all hell, but sounds like two mean looking bull dykes fighting over the last piece of steak at the dinner table.. <~~~I wouldn't know what this sounds like from personal experience, but it probably wouldn't sound good but prolly be fun to watch!

Anyways, try it yourself. I've played a couple of schecters and don't really like them. I remember when I saw the C-1 Elite and that thing looked so freakin sexy. I HAD TO HAVE IT! I played it ... laughed my @$$ off (playability wasn't working for me) .. and then met Jackson.
A week or so ago I picked up an Omen-6 and I've been mostly happy with it. I like the feel of it, the sustain is nice, it's got a nice thick heavy body, and it's better about tuning than my other guitar. Notes come out clear and strong, my only complaint really being that it comes out a little /too/ strong for my '59 Bassman Reissue so it's taking some work to get clear clean notes without driving the amp too hard. It feels like this guitar made the true colors of my Metal Zone shine as it went from sounding pretty good on my other guitar to either teh br00talz or light and fizzy.

Disclaimer: the Omen 6 I got has upgraded Duncans (the jazz humbucker and whatever their hot bridge pickup is..I should find out what these are..) and coil taps. And it was $250..Craigslist ftw!

edit: Oh yeah, and with this guitar, my tube screamer cranked, and my Bassman turned up a healthy amount it sounds sexy as hell.

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I have the Omen 6 and I bought it for $300 new. But Schecter makes good guitars and should work for your style.
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I have the Omen 6 and I bought it for $300 new. But Schecter makes good guitars and should work for your style.

$300 new. You got a deal and a half.
i've never played on the Omen-7, but i have a Diamond-7, and i love the thing. When i have the cash i'm going to do some modding, but then again most people will do that with guitars eventually. Schecters are a good buy most the time. But i agree, give it a test run if you can.
I have an Omen-6, got it after a ten year hiatus to get back into guitar. Nice instrument for the money, neck is a little thick for my liking but otherwise great. How new is the guitar? Omen-7 retails for $350 on musicians friend.
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the guitar is new...im colombian, if i pay for it from USA it would cost like 1000 USD so the price is REALLY good
Sounds like a good deal considering your location. I've played the omen-6 and I thought that it was a great guitar. Though it could use some better pickups.
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i have an omen 6

get it set up, and youre good to go
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