I posted about this awhile back. I thought it was my floyd rose because it was lifted up but now I have fixed it to be right inline with the guitar and it still keeps going out of tune. it's starting to really piss me off now.
what else could it be?
it's an Ibanez rg1570
make sure strings are fresh, like said.
that the string contact points are lubed.
that the level bridge is balanced well.

and that the strings are on correctly.

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old strings?
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You might have a beat version of the Floyd. I just watched this 3 part series on bad tremolos. If it's not made by Schaller, it might be a piece of junk and won't stay in tune at all.

Either that, or you're just one of the millions of guitarists that don't know how to work a tremolo.

Or, the springs could be shot, or your nut screws could be too loose. But don't overtighten, a good way to do it is to use the allen key the long way so you get less leverage.

If none of that works, just sell the thing on ebay and buy a guitar with a fixed bridge.
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you could go to the local music store and ask what it could be ?