Hi guys, recentley ive been wanting to improve my timing and i find using metronomes repetitive and a bit boring at times. I was wondering if anyone knew where i could get artists backing tracks with only the drums on and no other instruments. I found a couple on youtube but not many. I play a bit of guitar and a lot of bass and would like to record over some drum tracks.

Please share any info you have about either making drum tracks or a website that has popular drum tracks or isolated drums.....

cheers ;p
I don't know much about drum tracks, but there are lots of drum machine programs to write your own beats. I use hydrogen. Its made for linux primarily but you can download mac and windows versions on their downloads page.
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I used to use a site, looperman.com (they have short drum tracks, as well as other instruments)

I've also used hydrogen, that's good and free, but there's another one that's a bit better but not free called acoustica beatcraft. They both let you program your own drum tracks.
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