So I'm building a stack, and we go on the road a lot, and my Crate cab has a cloth front which gets busted up quite a bit (multiple holes). I was wondering if it's possible to pull off the cloth and replace it with a steel cage front. Is this possible? And if so, how would I go about doing it (buying the cage, installing, etc.)?
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home depot first off.

not sure how about how to install, but maybe a dense chicken wire could work. then again, you gotta know that metal mesh on the front of your amp may suck the tone right out of it.

good luck
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it would be heavy as ****
just buy new cloth
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it would be heavy as ****
just buy new cloth

metal wire wouldn't be heavy
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check out the old Mesa cabs..they had metal grills

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If you go on the road a lot why not invest in a hard case for the cab?
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u mean like the vox valvetronix range has a metal grille on the front? just go to a hardware store and buy it from there
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