My band Left Brain - myspace.com/leftbrainmusic is recording our 3rd album this weekend. I'd like to know what are the best ways to record guitars without making them sound processed? I'm looking for a "thick" sound for the dirty sections..

Kim Thayil from Soundgarden on their 'Badmotorfinger Album' said, "To get the heavy sound in studio, many guitar tracks were layered and panned to add the body that was lacking from previous albums."

I'm planning on recording multiple tracks using a Bogner, Mesa and Thermion head with Marshall 1960 Cabs using Celestion Gt75's speakers.

Check out our live demo tracks and let me know what you guys suggest.


Left Brain
Gotcha. We are totally open to experiment with sound and tones on this album. I told our studio engineer that and he got a big smile. I'll make sure to turn back the gain for sure when doing layers! I think by doing that it will allow the correct sound for our band.
yeah that's how you get a really thick guitar sound (which is apparently what you want.) one trick though, is to record one good take clean and then reamp it it several times. it saves a lot of time, but does't sound quite as good as real double tracking (where you actually record multiple takes)
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