**** i just coughed out blood onto the sink...yes i am a heavy smoker and people always tell me that coughing out blood is a symptom associated with lung cancer...im highly doubtful of that being whats up with me...but still, why did i cough up blood.any ideas?
Go See A Doctor!
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why the **** are u posting here and not at your doctors immediatly. jeeezuz
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do you smoke newports? i heard those make you cough blood.
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your a ****ing idiot....posting at the pit about coughing blood. moron...people like you make me wanna buy a dog and kick it
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i was pissing blood a month ago
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I'd not worry. Probably only tuberculosis.

Go see a damn doctor. You just coughed blood for ****s sake.

EDIT: Anyway, check here: http://symptoms.webmd.com/symptomchecker

Go to neck, pick Cough, select "with blood" or something like that.

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This!! Is there not an ER around you...........
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You'll be absolutely fine. Think nothing of it and have a tasty cigarette.
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I wouldn't go to a doctor. As long as you're not diagnosed, you're not sick.

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Go to the ER now.
Go to the ER now.
Go to the ER now.
Go to the ER now.
Go to the ER now.
Go to the ER now.
Go to the ER now
Can happen if you have a lot of things, not always cancer but generally coughing up blood is a bad thing, i'll put it this way, i have severe lung damage and i think i've only coughed up blood once and that was when i was very ill. Unless you've somehow hurt your throat them i'm guessing heavy smoking is probably at the root of this problem , i dunno if it's serious or not, remember this is the pit not a hospital. It's a bad idea to seek help on medical matters here, it's even in the rules not to do this i think...