Okay so I bought a Randall half stack. I have always played through combos or something smaller. I have always plugged my effects pedal into the guitar input on my amp. I have GNX3 and I would like to know the best place to plug it into my amp. I have an effects send and a return and I don't know which one I am supposed to use. Or do I just plug it into the guitar in like all of my small practice amps?????? I also have switch on the back of the Randall head that says Grnd and Uplift. It was switched to Grnd when I bought it yesterday and didn't notice it till last night. What does this switch do, does anyone know?????? Thanks for any feed back on this.
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Leave the ground switch on ground.

For the effects pedal, you can do it either way, might make a difference, might not. I've never used that pedal before so I couldn't tell you. Basically an effects loop bypasses the preamp section of your amp, and puts your pedals right before the power amp section. A rule of thumb: boost/distortion in front of amp, modulation effects go in effects loop. However, some amps don't have effects loop, so you can run any effect through the normal input jack as well. Thats what I do with mine as most pedals don't make a huge difference as far as placement goes.

guitar>pedal>input on amp
guitar>input on amp; and then from the effects send jack>input on pedal, output on pedal>effects receive jack on amp
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I pretty much just use the clean channel on a amp and just run the GNX into the input jack for my guitar and use the PEDAL for everything. Dist., delay, amp models, tremolo effects and such. I was just wondering what would sound the best. My friend has a MG100hdfx half stack and his sounds way different through the fx send than on the guitar input jack. (both sound ****ty though. I have not had time to really hook mine up yet I just wanted some feed back on this before I tried it out.
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