i have an epiphone explorer that i want to load with 81/85. how much more room do i need in the cavity for the battery. as in, how is the size of the EMG compared to a standard humbucker, will there be room for it? also, does the installation require soldering of any kind?

thanks in advance!
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You just need enough space to fit a 9v. Most guitars have plenty of room. And the pickups should be the same size. I know the older model's were a bit wider but thats not the case anymore.

And yes you will need to do a bit of soldering...
battery fits fine where the tone and volume pots are no problem there, and yes i believe u have to solder and switch one some **** to make it suitable for actives.
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Yes you need to solder.

Grab a 9v battery, open up the cavity and see how it fits.
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