Hi, I don't know where to put this so I am putting it here. I want to sample a line for the end of a song from a speech former President George W. Bush delivered to the public. I was wondering since the speech is public record if I need permission to use it. I do plan on selling this music so breaking the law would be something I would rather not do. I also have to worry about get a letter saying don't use it.

Thank you, and sorry if this is the wrong area.
it's still technically copyright of whoever recorded it, but there are usually public domain recordings of things like that so even if you use a copyrighted one, noone would be able to tell.
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it's ok, everyone does it, as long as it's .wav quality you wont get any troubles
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I hate it when these threads get quickly populated with bad advice - like everything above here. (Kid Thorazine started off okay, and then fumbled it at the end...)

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Check #5 - copyright and use of samples.

Essentially, you have Bush's speech which is owned by Bush. You also have a recording, which is owned by the person who made the recording, in all probability. You need to appeal to both owners in order to get permission to do this.

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