Hi! i have been looking round for an ibanez s series guitar for a bit, and have concluded pretty much exactly what im after -
- A H-S-H setup (preferably)
- a ZR trem (or similar locking nut ball bearing trem)
- the abilty to change from humbucker mode to single coils (coil tapping)

however, there is no s series guitar that provides all of these as factory!!!
i found the SAS32EX,which has the tru duo but this has no locking trem! nor does it have a single coil in the middle!!
SO - i was wondering, which would be best -
-buy the ibanez SAS32EX and spend dosh installing a locking trem
-or the ibanez S670FM and coil tap the pickups (however this may not sound as good as the tru-duo system ibanez offer)
another thing - if i bought the S670FM, i might look at changing the pick ups. are there any pickups that are specifically designed for coil tapping??? if so, what are some good ones???
oh, and which is the coolest colour for the ibanez s series available??? apart from the prestige, cant afford that rite now!

Buy the SAS32EX and change the pickups. The ZR trem is awesome, and Ibby stock Pups aren't that great, and you'd be a lot happier with a new set I'd think.

i like the look of the SAS32EX, but it doesnt have the ZR trem! its got the SAT pro 2 trem! are there any good pickups i can buy for coil tapping, like sum seymour duncans or summin???
Why are you so insistant on coil taps?
What type of music do you play?
Do you REALLY need a double locking vibrato?

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i dunno, the versatility appeals to me - usefull when gigging! i play classic rock, some hardcore blues, etc. and some slightly heavier stuff, not much metal or anthing really heavy. lots of lead though
any pickup with 4-conductor wiring will be coil-splittable

just about any modern humbucker has 4-cond. these days, so just choose one based on the tone you're after, and double check that it has 4 conductor wiring (it most likely will)
and i dont know about the tremelo to be honest, i currently play a les paul studio, so would kinda like a guitar that has some serious whammy bar capabilitys - would the SAS32EX be sufficient for mild whammy bar use?? would i be able to do dive bombs and van halen stuff on it????
the SAS32EX will have 4-conductors (its the one with the true-duo right?). If I'm not misinformed, the true-duo option is just ibanez's name for coil splitting..

I'm not sure about the S670, but I would assume it doesnt.. most 'generalized' pickups that go in stock guitars dont, althogh this may be an exception, I'm honestly not 100%sure...

So from how I see it, the SAS has the wiring options you want, and the S has the trem you want?

I havent played that exact S to know how it is, but I"d say go with the S670 and change the pickups to allow coil splitting.
sounds good, any recommendations on good value/ quality pickups?? dont wanna be spending another 150 on seymour duncans rely!
Check out the JS100. It's around the same price.

It's the lower end of Joe Satriani's signature, but it has everything you're looking for, except the middle single coil pickup.

I know the high end JS series are some of the nicest guitars I have ever played, but I have never played the lower end 100 series before, I know it has all the same features though.
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Just a note, I think you're looking for a coil split, not tap. Tapping reduce the output by sending the signal from a different point in the coils, resulting in a lower number of winds.

The SV series do all of this, but they're pricy.

I recommend getting something like an S670, and getting a set of handwound pickups. Mick Brierly over here in Aus can beat the prices of DiMarzio and SD, and he can wind pickups in the same style as trueduo humbuckers. They sound amazing too, I'm looking to buy a set for my next guitar.
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Why are you so insistant on coil taps?
What type of music do you play?
Do you REALLY need a double locking vibrato?

EVERYONE needs a double locking vibrato
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get the S670 and have it coil tapped. its alot cheaper and you'll be much happier, the pickups in it sound good as is but you might want to up grade, thats up to you. you dont want to try to add an after market bridge on a new guitar, and i dont know where you'd get the ZR bridge alone except maybe from 'ebay'.. S670 is the easier and all around better rout.
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do you know if duncan designed pickups are good??? theyre like the cheaper duncans

They're pickups that usually end up on low end guitars, like cheaper schecters. A lot of them are muddy as ****, and you really should just jump for a GOOD set of pickups. GFS is MUCH better than Duncan Design... although, I would always suggest saving money and getting real Duncans.
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^-- of course it may also be the low end (and high..) schecter guitars that are just plain muddy themselves. duncans a good pickup, i dont think they'd put their name on something thats all together no good. try them if you want you can always switch them out if you dont like them.
can the s prestige coil tap or come with true duo pick up from factory? i'm looking to buy one of those.
If I remember right, (and if I can read Ibanez model numbers) the S670 has 3 pickups and 5-way switching. And HSH Ibanez always have the ability to use one bridge coil and the middle single (pos. 2 where bridge is pos. 1). Therefore, the humbucker already has the 4-conductor wiring and would only require some simple unsoldering of the middle from pos. 2 to achieve a single 'bucker coil at the bridge.
To back this up, I offer the 670's switching:

Alongside the wiring diagram from an S470 (same pickups):

Edit: actually, on studying that diagram, my argument appears to have lost ground. Oops. Maybe the design's changed in the recent models?

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I'd like to point out that the only things you'd really be getting from coil tapping is single coil sound in the neck and bridge, the other three positions will be exactly the same. Is it really worth all the messing around? Unless you did something a little crazier like the E-Gen, I don't see any reasonable benefit.
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