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Dunlop Jazz III
37 34%
Dunlop Nylon
7 6%
Dunlop Tortex/Ultex
37 34%
Dunlop Delrin
2 2%
Fender shell
5 5%
0 0%
Other (specify)
20 19%
Voters: 108.
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The five on my right hand with which I was born.

...because I never lose them and I loooooooooooove me some Jeff Beck and Chet Atkins.
Jazz III XL, it's stiff, has a sharp tip and is the size of a regular pick. Normal jazz IIIs are way too small and make my hand cramp trying to hold them.
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I switch off between the orange Dunlop Tortex's (.60) and Dunlop Jazz III picks depending on what I play.

The tortex gives me a harder aggressive tone when riffing or getting a Paul Gilbert type of feel. It's much more grinding because it's not as rounded on the edges like the Jazz III.

The Jazz IIIs give me a smooth lead tone, like Petrucci and Eric Johnson. Its easier to roll off the strings very smoothly because the shape of it.
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jazz 3s ****ing pwn
They just glide across the strings, so great for shred and fast solos, and really nice to play chords, although it does sound better with a thicker, larger pick (e.g tortex)
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The big red Jazz IIIs
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Dunlop 1.5mm gator grip.
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Black Jazz III's all the way.
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They are easy to hold on to and have nice attack
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Dunlop Tortex .88 best pick I've ever used
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Tortex .60's, cuz they don't get slippery when you're sweatin, and they feel great

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Dunlop Tortex 1.14mm, because its ****ing metal =]

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techpick chromes, they give a really fresh sound and unlike other metal picks they dont wear your strings down
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v-picks screamers, and like the regular medium V
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Searchbar picks.
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Anything that's heavy as ****, preferably Jim Dunlop. Can't stand the tinny noise of thin picks when they hit a string. Also, I have trouble playing with thin ones because it takes longer for the pick to pluck the string.

Just personal preference.
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i like the yellow (.72) Tortex picks...


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V-Picks, Small pointed. these are pracctilly the same size as Jazz IIIs but i prefer them, they are absolutly awesome

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Orange dunlop tortex 0.6
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Jazz III XL, it's stiff, has a sharp tip and is the size of a regular pick. Normal jazz IIIs are way too small and make my hand cramp trying to hold them.

+50 kajillion

I was talking to a local death metal guitarist who used those picks, and I tried (and failed) with them. The XL's rock.
I use V Pick Screamer 2.75mm and Small Pointed 2.75mm

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i use one that i found on the floor at school. i think it was just cut out of plastic but ive never found a better pick.
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+Sideways 8

Well thats me set ^^
dunlop nylon, they dont get any better!
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Blue (1mm) Dunlop tortexes... They're rigid but there's a TINY amount of give.
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i mostly use tortex .60mm (the orange ones!) because of the flexible feel and scratchy attack.
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musicians friend picks, they are realy great.
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dunlop tortex .88 b/c there green. and my favorite band uses them. and they have the perfect thickness
Dunlop Tortex .60's yo
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I'm with DeltaFunk
V-Picks. Totally blow the Jazz IIIs away.

Play a Cort ?

Play with V-Picks ?

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The five on my right hand with which I was born.

...because I never lose them and I loooooooooooove me some Jeff Beck and Chet Atkins.


That and Jazz III's (black or red, or Tortexs, even though I wear those out in like 3 hours.... ) are ftw

EDIT: Or .73/.88 Tortexs, the former in the Sharp kind, and the latter regular.

Why? Because fingerpicking sounds great on clean channels, Jazz III's have awesome solo and palm muting attributes, and Tortexs just feel good.

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I love all 5 (sold a couple) of my Carvin X-100b's.
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