Hey Dudes, Just Wonderin' If Anyone Could Help Me Write / Give Tips On How To Write Lyrics For Soft, Acoustic Rock.

It Seems The Guitar Parts Come Really Easy, But When It Comes To Lyrics, Im Stuck!

base your thought on something an write it all out it dont have to make sense or rhyme
just get it out on paper..then pick then best phares
Soft acoustic stuff is great music. Normally whenever I'm writing it, rhyming doesn't matter that much (though it isn't bad) and it comes from the heart. Acoustic stuff isn't meant for you to get pissed off at. It's either your sad or happy. But not sad where you're crying and stuff, but sad where it gets you thinking for a little bit...if you get what I mean...

My acoustic orginals
My voice isn't that great...but take a listen. I still have yet to perfect my vocals

For me it is harder to find lyrics to go with my music, than it is to write lyrics then play around with chords and stuff on the guitar.

What I would suggest is first read the "Lessons" section of this site and pull some ideas from their.

I will state however that you should let writing come to you, dont try to write it let it write you if that makes sense. Pull from ideas, believes, lessons learned... things that you can write from the heart about. Also music is an art, I have never scetched or painted without going back and changing somthing, be open to change and cuts to lines of your song.

Heres a couple ideas to get you started
-Your band (not very origional I'm afraid every band has a self titled song)
-A lover/love lost (again not very origional)
-War or problems that can easily be changed in the world (these are free suggestions, dont expect them to be origional ideas)

Just try listening to the band that you admire most or the one that you want to be the most like. Listen to thier lyrics and try to write like they do, at least to compare your writing style.

Anyways hope I could help

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