Okay so I bought a Randall half stack. I have always played through combos or something smaller. I have always plugged my effects pedal into the guitar input on my amp. I have GNX3 and I would like to know the best place to plug it into my amp. I have an effects send and a return and I don't know which one I am supposed to use. Or do I just plug it into the guitar in like all of my small practice amps?????? I also have switch on the back of the Randall head that says Grnd and Uplift. It was switched to Grnd when I bought it yesterday and didn't notice it till last night. What does this switch do, does anyone know?????? Thanks for any feed back on this.
the switch is somthing i have no idea what does. but i plug directly into the the guitar input in the front of the amp. you have to mess with youre pedal and use it as an eq if u use the effect loop. like the bass mid and treb will be from your pedal through effects loop. i have a randall too, and it sounds choice directly plugged in. as a word of advice though, dont hook your head to your cab with a guitar cable. use a speaker cable. guitar cables are bad for it.

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I have a GNX4 and it typically sounds better if you hook up your GNX3 workstation to the effects loop in/out on the amp.

If you choose to connect to the front end (guitar input), be sure to set your Randall to a non-coloring channel/setting or it will effect the sounds that the GNX three is sending in. Typically this would mean setting your amp to its purest clean setting.

The GNX3 manual (if you have it) should be quite detailed about the different routing options...I know my GNX4 manual was.

Sorry didn't answer your question on connection for effects loop. Basically you want to run a cable from the GNX3 line input to the Amp Effects "send" and from the GNX3 line output to the Amp Effects "receive".

Hope this was helpful to you.
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