Yesterday me and a friend went to a nearby park with a little jewel we found sitting in a field. We decided to be constructive ass-hats

Here's another video I made almost a year ago...

AND yet another made about 2 years ago... (just watch the first 20 secs, the rest is crap)

I Power Wheels
The best thing about life is knowing you put it together
i chose to uhm, skip those and i found your cover of KSE's "My Curse" that's something worth puttin up. that's a good cover
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look on the bright side, at least your not black.
oh.. why thanks honestly idk how that video got so popular. We were both pretty tipsy and out of tune, but I'm not really complaining
The best thing about life is knowing you put it together
I thought the title said "Power Weasels"

...that's the only reason i'm here.

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