which pedal has a better sound
i play metallica, pantera, avenged sevenfold, and i also sometimes play 80s hair metal
the ibanez is 40 bucks the boss is 35
I have a DS-1 and I'm not very happy with it. I just use it for fuzz or crunch. So if you're looking for those, then buy it. If not, go with something that gets you a higher gain.
You might find the Boss DS-1 to be a bit fuzzy. I replaced my broken Digitech Grunge with it. That pedal sounded great until it broke. Anyways, I liked the DS-1 when I first bought it, but eventually didn't care for it's harsh fuzziness. Sending it to get modded made such a huge difference!
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I think it really depends on the amp. I used to have a crappy SS amp and I absolutely hated. But when I got a tube amp, and used it through the clean channel, I liked it a lot more.
what about the ibanez ds7
alot of the reviews for it on here say it kicked the boss' ass
does anyone have both
but does it have a pedal to switch to cleans? my microcube doesn't and it makes things pretty difficult at times. (my toe isn't the best at turning the knob).

but probabally true about the distortion. i wouldn't know.