give me some song names of songs that say things like ''do you wanna kiss me'' ''i love you'' ''you rock my world'' etc. i dont like them too soft or too hardd (well, i dont think there are love songs from prog, spee, doom, etc. metal) the song can also say ''i wanna **** you'' but in a more polite way...

Fuck her gently.
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Love Song by the Cure should do it
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crazy bitch - buckcherry
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Stone Temple Pilots - Still Remains
Wonderful song. Creepy, yet one of the most sincere love songs ever.

Boyce Avenue - With You
Acoustic cover of the Chris Brown song. The original sucks, but this version is packed with emotion and feeling, and the singer has a wonderful voice. At least listen to it once: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iTMvrpJ7IHM
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"1/2 Lovesong" by Die Ärzte

Wait, this is completely in german but it's the first thing which crossed my mind when I read the topic...

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Screwing You on the Beach at Night

hey i didnt know about this band the Bloodhound Gang (Cool name by the way) cool song and lyrycs, specially in the chorus in ''****ings cool, but jim is a romantic style''
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