I have been using .009 - .046 diameter strings for the past while, on my guitar. By accident I bought the wrong type of strings, they are .011 - 0.49 diameter strings. Will this make a lot of a difference? Will I have to change my guitar at all?

If this makes any difference, I mostly play classic rock. The guitar I use is a Epiphone G-400 Custom.
might need to adjust the truss rod a bit
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The biggest difference will be how they feel. You might struggle with the tension of the strings if you're used to .09's. Your guitar will probably need a slight set-up adjustment to cope with the tension, nothing major though. Btw, how can you play with such thin strings? Anything thinner than .11's just sound weedy to me...just my opinion though, so ignore me XD
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might need to adjust the truss rod a bit

You'll need to adjust the action, and possibly intonation, which are both done at the saddles/bridge.
The biggest difference (After it has been set-up properly) is that they will feel much much different. Expect harder, tougher strings, that will not bend as easily, but have a thicker tone.
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The g400 custom has quite a flimsy neck you should adjust the truss, trust me I had one and the neck warped, I only had it a year!

^^^ don't listen to him, speaking from experience that is; G400 customs are nice but you have to be careful with them.
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umm,return them if you didnt put them on yet
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^^^ don't listen to him

Er sorry what?
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Everything I said was perfectly valid.
Action changes string height, intonation changes intonation, and trussrod (Which you may or may not have to adjust) changes the neck bow.
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Thicker strings = thicker, more textured sound.
Thinner strings = thinner, anemic sounding, but bendable.
I used to use thinner strings, but have converted to thicker ones because it sounds so much better (and tends to last longer).
dude just return the strings and tell them what happened, most music shops are kind enough to just swap em over,

alturnitivly (i been up for hours so i cannot spell correctly) you could just use them in a drop tuning on the guitar which 11-49 work best at drop B and C but yeah that will result in you not needing to adjust your guitar in most cases plus when they are worn you can go straight back to your standard strings with standard tuning
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Er sorry what?
Were you saying that to me?

UUUmmm yeah, its valid; well most of it. Except the part where you said "NO". The added tension of the thicker gauge would mean you would have to slightly adjust the truss, and I mean slightly. Yes the truss does control the bow of the neck, and that's exactly why it would need slight adjustment.

Trust me I wish I had of known how to look after my guitars back when i had my G400 Custom. Its a really nice guitar for the money, great access to the high frets
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You really shouldn't need to adjust the truss rod at all, in my experience. Perhaps its the difference of neck quality. But I've gone from 9s to 10s, and now at 11s. Never seen any bow change.
Again, could be neck quality.
will someone carry me across ten thousand miles under the silence
Perhaps its the difference of neck quality.

Yeah I agree, as much as I loved my G400-custom the neck always felt cheap. However if your confidant yours can hold it then don't bother adjusting the truss.