So this is what i have so far:
I took a valveking 112 and built a box for the amp and I'll build a cab to house 2x12.

my plan is to cover it with this cloth-backed vinyl or something that i picked up at the fabric store (like whats on diner seats) with multipurpose spray adhesive i got at home depot and staples for the edges. will this work? any tips or suggestions? this will be my first time for a project like this but i have corner guards to cover up those troublesome spots.

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corner guards are going to make wrapping it up a million times easier. i think it'll look cool when it's done.

nice job on the head too
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looks good and your plan sounds good too
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alright... heres the end result. worked out pretty good. i just had issues with the seams for the vinyl but i got a good idea to fold them under the chassis straps and it looks like it was meant to be that way. probably won't use it again, though.

Wow, that looks wicked. Not so sure about whether it matches the cab, but I love the red. Goes with your guitar very well.

What kind of guitar is it? I think I spy an Epiphone sticker in it. Looks nice.

That looks great. Should do that for the cab to make it match =P
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