I recently had my Arbor guitar stolen at a show along with my pedals and cables. For those of you who have never heard of or seen Arbors (which I'm assuming is most of you), they're these off-brands that have SICK necks comparable to those of Ibanez or Jackson guitars, and low action for all your shredding needs. They ALSO come with a stock push/pull tone knob to split the coils in the bridge humbucker. Their tragic flaw is that they have what are probably the absolute WORST stock pickups I have EVER heard.

So, since I miss my Arbor so much, I'm probably going to buy the same one again because it was like $200. However, this time I want to trick it out with all new pickups instead of just putting an EMG-81 in the bridge like I did last time. I'm looking to get a Bare Knuckle Nailbomb humbucker for the bridge, and either some SD's or DiMarzios for the neck/middle.

My question is, will the push/pull switch still work if I switch out the stock humbucker?
Yes. Make sure you order the Bareknuckle pickup with 4-conductor wiring.
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As said above, 4-conductor wiring. Just gotta hook it up right then, which isn't hard.

Arbors DO have totally sick necks, and fricken sweet action. And the picks-up really are ass. I actually prefer my action a bit higher, but it was an interesting experience to play one of those in my local shop.
Thanks for the help, guys.

And yeah, that was a pretty sweet guitar for an even better price. I miss it. This new one will sing though

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