Hey there

I am in doubt between these 2 fx processors, which one is the best?
Do you think its worth to pay some more bucks and take the me-70 ou stay with the old me-50? and without worrying about the extra money? This will be running on a tube amp and my microcube. I've heard that the me-50 don't work too well with tube amps...
the me-70 has an extra pedal with some compressor options but hasn't some specific effects the me-50 have and some other differences....and I've heard that the wah doesn't work well with distortion on the higher notes.

Anyway, what would you choose?

Did you have already tried the me-70? is it good? I don't find reviews anywere on the net...

P.S. (I've been learning guitar for a year and some moths, so I don't have too much experience in this..)
Well. I got the ME-50 and I ran it through my B52 AT 212 and I loved the tone I got from it. The ME-70 has some nice bells and whistles on it. You would have to just sit there and try them out, that's how I fell inlove with my ME-50.

I picked it over some of the zooms I played, which I liked the distortion on. Go to a Guitar Center or something and try it out.

In all honesty. I use my ME-50 to this day. And I've had it for three years.
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