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Black with black pickguard
6 23%
Vintage White with white pickguard
3 12%
Red with black pickguard
0 0%
Grey with black pickguard
4 15%
Blue with black pickguard
2 8%
Amber with tort pickguard
1 4%
Butterscotch with black pickguard
1 4%
1 4%
Yellow with black or white pickguard
0 0%
Green with black or white pickguard
8 31%
Voters: 26.
Alright, im refinishing an old P-Bass right now and im still debating which color i want to paint it. It would have to be a solid color because i've had to use so much wood filler on this thing.

I was thinking of maybe just going the Roger Waters route with a black body, black pickguard, and maple fretboard. however, I want to see some other options as well.

So if you got an idea post it, and if you can maybe post a pic of the color as well

i starting to lean towards a red or dark grey of some sort.....

not a fan of green, but maybe lake placid blue would look nice
How about you make the body and pickguard holoflash? Get some reflective material and stick that all over, cutting out for the pups and the knobs. Then get yourself some black paint, and as the paint is drying, take a knife and scrape some away in weird patterns.
It'd look like this:

and in red/black:

And in gray...all I could find is a gold pickguard :

edit: Black n' maple is always good too!
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If i do a grey it will probably be more like a graphite pearl stingray

like this

The holoflash would be cool but I'm thinking about a more traditional color for this bass.

So right now it seems to be between....
Black with black pickguard
"Graphite Pearl" with black pickguard
Red with white pickguard
"Lake Placid Blue" with white pickguard
traditional color? nothing screams traditional like a sea of beiiiiiige
Yay fibonacci!
You should do it in a flat black or teal. Kinda like cars from 1920, Thats the flat black I'm talking about.
..I was watching my death.
looks more like silver with white, but i actully am kind of diggin' that combo.

I've pretty much decided on Black on Black, or some kind of silver/grey with black or white pickguard

I think im gonna photoshop some images real quick

edit: Ha turns out i dont have photoshop so i had to use paint

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Well my P-bass copy is a this cool purple color. I love it, and it usually gets a few looks.
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Black, with either a dark purple or dark acid green pickgaurd.... just my opinion..
there's a strange turquoise-ish shade I saw on a P-bass recently that looked really cool. It had a pink pickguard, I beleive o.O
not grey. gross. and black basses are a dime a dosen. So something different. like yellow
I like the holoflash idea.

But with purple :P
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Seafoam green???? Like the Airline MAP? Eww...

Black on black is always solid, especially with gold hardware, and black and red works nicely, if you can take the association with Pete Wentz, but my opinion is mud because Im colourblind... so my advice is to err to the conservative, on the grounds that you wont regret it, whereas in a few years time, fiery orange might have lost its appeal.
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A 50's car color. Or some kind of pastel color.

Like this?

EDIT: holy moley
sorry for the massiveness
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Seafoam Green isn't really my thing but maybe a different shade of green.
Ok...forget the seafoam, but come on this is dead sexy:

And yes oh bass forum, I know that its not a precision but a Lakland.
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Ok...forget the seafoam, but come on this is dead sexy:

And yes oh bass forum, I know that its not a precision but a Lakland.

that is the sex.
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grey and black FTMFW
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