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26 16%
25 16%
Rock in Rio
22 14%
Rock AM/IM
22 14%
35 22%
Isle of Wight
18 11%
40 25%
11 7%
21 13%
Other(Mention in Post)
86 54%
Voters: 160.
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So.... I have to do another survey project for school, and I chose "What is Your Favorite Music Festival?" I know I'm missing very many but these are the ones I've narrowed down to. (If one you like isn't up there, just say so in your post.)
Summerfest in Milwaukee. Great stuff.
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Summerfest in Milwaukee. Great stuff.

Yeeah. Awesome festival
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Summerfest in milwaukee

you can find ways to get in for free or half price on most days with deals and its like 12 days long
I went to Leeds Fest '08 and that was awesome.


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Reading is good for crazy times and decent bands.
Latitude is good for the more "artistic" side of everything.
Virgin Mobile Festival

I saw Foo Fighters, Nine Inch Nails, Iggy Pop and the Stooges, Stone Temple Pilots, Bob Dylan, The Offspring, and Taking Back Sunday last year.
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Summerfest in Milwaukee. Great stuff.

I'm also for Summerfest. Ticket is cheap and if you don't like a band, go find another! Chances are you will have two bands you really like on the same night, maybe even at different times if your lucky.

Plus the food is pure awesome.
Green man fest.
i had the best time ever leaning on a stage driking cider in the rain watching joanna newsom two years ago. then hippying out to pentangle last year. shame i cant go this year.

though I can't afford to go this year
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I went to Leeds Fest '08 and that was awesome.

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Summerfest in Milwaukee. Great stuff.

I find myself agreeing intensely.
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i've only been to Ozzfest and Rock the Bells.

Rock the Bells was pretty awesome (got to see Rage and Wu-Tang among others) and Ozzfest was decent (best band there was SOAD probably. Ozzy was a mess.)

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The only one I have ever been to is the Grand Targhee Music Festival. It is pretty cool because I just hike out to the shacks in the forest and get smoked out by hippies.
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only because its about a two and a half hour drive to chicago, and its an awesome city
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Leeds Fest

i wish i could get to the u.k. i've seen MGMT's performance on video, it looked (and sounded) awesome.
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there are drugs there

( and ololol there are )
It used to be the Warped Tour, but they got rid of all the punk bands and filled their spots with ****ty (I think metalcore is the genre, I don't know) bands and a bunch of bands nobody has ever heard of.

The only good bands still left are NOFX, Bad Religion, Thrice, Flogging Molly, Less than Jake, Senses Fail, SLM, and Anti-Flag.

It used to be all punk bands, but now goddamn Scary Kids Scaring Kids and The Devil Wears Prada are there.

I am only going for those bands I mentioned.
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