Hey guys, my friend owns a guitar parts company (axesrus.com if your interested)
and hes just give me this body, as you can see theres a little chip on the horn and is no good to him now. now i am a complete amateur but have always wanted to build my own guitar. So firstly, what can i do for that chip? what troubles will i face? and do you have any reccomendations for what i do with it? Its a US Alder body with a flame maple top, a nice transparant black finish and white binding

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A "little" chip? No offense, but that is pretty big.
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If you are going to do a solid finish, then sand it down and fill the chip. If you wanted to do a transparent finish, you'll have to sand it so that the dent blends in. Otherwise just slap a band-aid on it and be happy. You got a free tele body
Hey you know who runs Axesrus? Thats pretty cool

Any way thats kinda a big chip and the main problem is, that its in a figured top, albeit low figureing with a black burst, and so repairing it may disrupt the figuring making the repair obvious.

But since theres a black burst there you could probably just fill it and paint over it.

Is there a clear coat on it?

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Yeh the chip is all in the black burst reigon so it shouldn't be too difficult to colour, theres a lacquer finish on there if thats what you mean
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yeah your gonna have to fill the chip and match the black and try to hide it, but it was free, so at very worst, its the first bit of character your guitar body has.
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